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Welcome to Stenbergets homepage. Stenberget Avtalslösningar AB, our adress is Stortorget 3, 211 22 Malmö, owns and creates this page.

You find our terms and conditions for Stenberget templates attached when you place your order. Our Integritety- and Cookiepolicy is found on the homepage. If you have any questions regarding our terms or guidelines feel free to contact us.

The content of this page is public information about Stenberget and their services and products. This page can contain errors or misleading information. The information may come to be altered at any moment in time.

The content is not intended for use as counseling, legal advice or in any other juridical way and it is available in hole and entirely without any guarantees including Stenberget template, can have incorrectness, have flaws or in any other way be incomplete.

You may not use Stenbergets name or trademark in any way. You may not use the information found on this page other than in personal use, unless any other way was first agreed upon by Stenberget.

This page can contain links to other webpages. These have been included for your convenience in order to receive further information. In no way can Stenberget be held responsible for the content on these pages.