Stay on top of things


Control and quality to all!

Stenberget gives you control, efficiency, quality and peace of mind through a systematic contract management workflow. It covers all aspects of contract work and enables your control over use of time, content and workflow.

Easy to implement

The system is easy to use and is professionally constructed from both legal and technical point of view. By combining our templates with our system and services you can ensure that you obtain total control over your contract management, regardless your in-house competencies.

Stenberget CLM makes life easier for everyone: for those who draft and negotiate the contracts, for those who support the process with expert knowledge, for those who review and approve the contract proposals, for those who procure or supply according to the contract and for those who administrate it.

Great gains of efficiency

Systematic contract management improves your organisation's efficiency. Profits emerge when you have a workflow that contains drafting, negotiating, reviewing, approving and filing contracts in a single system – which all users can access anywhere anytime.

This provides you with an accessible filing system with possibilities to always identify and access your documents – regardless if it is about templates, contracts under negotiation or finalized contracts. This means that everyone can feel secure knowing that they are managing their contracts in a secure and professional way.

A common view

Stenberget CLM also provides your organisation with a common view on contractual content. By working digitally you document your collective contract intelligence and knowledge in one place. The contract management system can thereby give your employees all the information they need – when they need it – and at the same time create a common view on terms and conditions. This gives control over the entire organisation's contract management.

Regardless where the users are, they can find, understand and use your templates, do it right, save time, secure the quality and control the business case.


  • Create and distribute templates
  • Allocate authorizations to users
  • Constant and immediate access to all templates and contracts
  • Co-operate with colleagues, counterparts and experts
  • Comment, adjust and discuss proposals
  • Review and approve draft proposals
  • Reminders of due dates and other important occurrences
  • Review history of the contract
  • Publish news to groups and users
  • Create and link to related documents in your contracts

Additional features

  • Read-in Microsoft Word documents and turn them into templates and contracts.
  • Create, save and use contract terms and provisions from the system.
  • Receive a summary of the contract with links to all relevant documents, explanations, reminders, comments, contacts and a help button to an expert.