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We help you

Whatever you need in contract management we can provide: for one time only, for a short period of time or until you can manage the task on your one.

Legal advice

We can draft your personalized templates, create and negotiate your contracts with your counterpart and educate your staff on the final content and its effect on your operations.

We have drafted and negotiated contracts on a global market every day since the year 2000. Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge within contract law.


We offer training to your staff on all of the contracts that you manage, together with the relevant law if you wish. Upon your choice we can train your staff in small groups or even individually. We can execute the training through webinars or on site.

We can create manuals and guidelines for your personell so that you can find all relevant knowledge in one place. If you use our templates you can skip the manuals: the contract provisions are explained in the templates.

Content – tailored templates and materials for your company

We can create templates that suit your specific organisation and line of operation. The templates can have alternative wordings and explanatory comments in order to give you flexibility and efficiency.

In addition we can tailor your CLM so that it fits the specific needs of your operations. This can be updating templates and contracts towards your customers or index regulation of prices and the notifying the modification, or to collect contract data and treat it as you wish.


We can administrate your system and your contracts to whatever extent necessary – from implementation and training to project management, legal action or whatever help you may need. For example we can ensure that your system always has relevant templates and that your contracts are archived with relevant information and proper reminders.

We can be your legal service – to the extent that you choose.


We can be your LAAS – lawyer as a service – thereby managing all contract work through the CLM, just like your inhouse legal departement. We create your templates, monitor and support your employees when they close deals, perform all the work that needs to be done. All this in Stenberget CLM.