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Stenberget as data controller personal integrity and strive for a high level of protection of data. Our integrity policy aims to give you a clear picture and information of the liability to protect your rights and integrity.

We will explain what information we gather, what we do with them and what your rights are and how to put them in action. It is important that you read the Integrity policy and understand how we handles your personal data. Feel free to contact us at any times.

Concept, parts and liability for managing of your personal data

Personal data and managing integrity.

A personal data is every data that can be used to identify a physical person. This can be a name, a adress or a personal number, but also a picture, an IP-adress or an e-mailadress - if they can be connected to a physical person. Personal data can be specific factors for that physical person, genetical, psychological, economical, cultural or social identity. 

Processing of personal data is a measure or a kombination of measures regarding personal data. For example collecting, registry, organizing, structuring, storage, processing or altering, producing, reading, using, exposing thru transfer, spreading or providing in any other way, altering or contacting, limiting, deleting or destruction is a processing of personal data.

Stenberget as personal integrity data controller.

We, Stenberget Avtalslösningar AB, 556784-2975, is responsible of personal data and processing of the data that we collect. Our adress: Stortorget 3, 211 22, Malmoe. You can also reach us at and phone 040-6614750.

We collect the personal data that you share with us when you order our services, when you receive password to log in and becomes a user, when you use our application or signs up for an education, seminar and workshops also when you contact us or visits our homepage and accepts cookies.

Apart from the data that you freely leave to us, or data that we collect from how you use our services, can we in addition collect data from a third party. These are: adress from public register in order to be sure that we have the right adress to you, data regarding creditworthiness from credit company, banks and other companies also data from social media in marketing purposes.

Stenberget as personal data assistent

We deliver services and products like Stenberget template or Stenberget CLM whom will be referred to as “Service”.

Our customer is a company, an organisation, a body of government or an association. The customer is represented by its users and system administrators who have accessto to the Service thru the use of their own passwords and you are one of these users.

Our customers – whom typically is your employer and who has given you access to our Service - is responsible for the processing of personal data that our customer has collected. We, Stenberget, is personal data assistant regarding the personal data that we handle on behalf of the customer. We therefor have liability regarding the organizational and technical security measures required by law to protect your personal data whom we use.

The customer has the right to instruct us regarding the use of personal data and we are obligated to comply.

Personal data that we collect from you

When you order the Service we collect personal data. In connection with the order passwords is created and also a online identity required for the use. We sometimes have applications linked to the Service. When using this application, you may upload data into the Service.

When you sign up for one of our education, we will collect personal data och company data.

Should you contact us, thru mail, chatt or in any other way, we will have access to the information that you leave in that contact.

Categories and reason for treatment

We collect the following categories of personal data: name, adress, contact info including phone number and e-mail, identity number, online identity data, company info and other data whom you choose to share with us.

We need the above information in order to fulfill the agreement of Service with you and customer.

The effect if you choose not to leave personal data could be that the Service is flawed or incorrect or even preventing us from delivering the Service to your the customer. For example it could mean difficulties to log in to the Service and/or write contracts and negotiate them.

How long will we save the data?

We store your data until the Service is terminated and a period of up to 36 months thereafter in order to deal with complaints. We thereafter anonymize your data and use them in purposes of statistic and investigating operations in order to develop our services. Personal data used for invoice is stored as long as necessary for administrative purposes.

Ändamål med behandlingen

More specific these are the purposes for us to store personal data:

a) tp provide the Service and fulfill our obligations under the agreement with you or the customer,

b) in order to administrate your account, communicate with you, send messages and news letter and update the Service and terms and conditions,

c) to ensure and improve features of the Service,

d) to personalize and enhance your experience of the Service,

e) to manage marketing activities if you have not unsubscribed from it,

f) to check, prevent and investigate any improper use of the Service and

g) to fulfill a legal obligation, for example, according to the Accounting Act.

We also process your personal information to know which users and customers use the Service and later for research and statistical purposes.


Cookies or cookies are technologies that identify you or the equipment you use. You can check cookies yourself through settings in your browser and other tools.

Whom do we share personal information with?

We can share personal data with our EU / EEA subcontractors. Our subcontractors have the same obligations regarding the processing of personal data we have with you. This is stated in an agreement that we have concluded with our subcontractors, called the Personal Data Entry Agreement.

Your rights

You are entitled to request a registry extract of what information is registered about you.

You are entitled to data portability of your personal data.

You are entitled to have your personal information corrected if they are incorrect, incomplete or misleading and may limit the processing of personal data until they are changed.

You have the right to be forgotten.

You also have the right to withdraw a consent, make complaints about the processing to the Data Inspectorate (Datainspektionen), automatically oppose decision making, profiling and opposing direct marketing.

Ask us

If you have questions about this policy and the processing of your personal data, want to delete or change incorrect information, please contact us through the contact information found on our website, as well as user support available in the Services.