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When you need the right content in your contract, use Stenberget templates. Every template is complete and deals with every relevant issue. Thanks to the template you can be sure that you have covered all relevant aspects of the contract.

Our templates are designed to take care of your intrests. That's why most templates come in two versions – one sales-friendly- the other is friendly to the buyer.

Easy to use

It is easy to use Stenbergets digital templates. Most of the paragraphs have alternative wordings so that you can cover all the variations that are typical for the issue. If you still feel the need to add content or edit the paragraph by yourself its an easy operation.

Created by lawyers, explained by lawyers

Stenberget´s templates are created by lawyers with a vast experience of the current topics. All of the terms and alternatives are explained by lawyers; you get an immediate overview of the purpose of the provision, what is most important and what to look out for. In addition you can read more if you have time and need. You can always be sure that your contract will hold the correct content.

If you get stuck you can always contact us. Our lawyers will help you out.